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Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work for the past 2 years. We have adapted so well to working from home (WFH) that many of us might have negative thoughts and anxiety about returning to the office and in-person interactions. We will be sharing some tips on how the transition back to the workplace easier.

Tips on how to readjust and thrive

  • Plan Ahead & establish routine
    • Wake up earlier to get ready for work.
    • Reassign chores and errands among family members.
    • Build on and bridge your current routine with the one you need
  • Adjust your expectations
    • Expect to make changes to your current lifestyle and adapt to the new norms.
    • Be realistic with your productivity, availability, and social engagements.
    • Priortize your mental and physical wellbeing.
    • Give others and yourself space and time to adjust.
  • Set boundaries
    • Use this opportunity to set healthier boundaries and achieve work-life balance.
    • Communicate your work concerns and needs.
    • Take physical breaks away from people to prevent sensory overload in the office.
  • Be compassionate & flexible
    • Acknowledge the journey during the pandemic and the changes that were necessary for you to adapt and cope.
    • Give yourself and others compassion and empathy because everyone’s experience is different.
    • Be flexible and focus on common humanity and peer support.
  • Reconnect with others
    • Understand that you might find it award to meet and interact with others in-person.
    • Take a slow and gentle approach on reconnecting with your colleagues and friends.
    • Be mindful about physical proximity with others and their comfort level.

If you feel stressed out, do seek professional help to address your negative thoughts and manage your anxiety

With love, from all of us @ Okay to Chat