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Walk & Talk Therapy Workshop

Course Overview

Walk & Talk Therapy is an experiential counselling approach that combines talk therapy and rhythmic exercises, such as walking. It has proven to be conducive to the therapeutic process of self-discovery and healing.

  • It taps on the “healing power of nature” which is often regarded as good and positive
  • It helps clients get unstuck as they confront difficult issues by building muscle memory on physically moving forward and away from their problem
  • It spurs creative and deeper ways of thinking, often released by mood-improving physical activity

Part 1: The Basics of Walk And Talk Therapy

  • The essential know-hows and logistics of incorporating physical activities in your therapeutic work
  • Ethical considerations, safety issues, and confidentiality

Part 2: Theoretical / Psychological Elements in Walk And Talk Therapy

  • Utilizing ‘Walking & Movement’ Metaphors
  • Customised Active Listening (Reflection of Meanings) in Walk & Talk Therapy
  • Kolb Experiential Learning Theory

Part 3: Advanced Application of Walk And Talk Therapy

  • Challenging psychological issues
    • Difficulty letting go of their past
    • Goal setting & Motivational issues
    • Procrastination; ‘going in circles’
    • Difficulty with emotional baggage
  • Mindfulness-based Strategies in Walk And Talk Therapy
  • Role-Play Practices to enhance skill competency and confidence

Who Should Attend

  • Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Youth Workers
  • Educators teaching young people in schools
  • Counsellors and Allied Educators in schools

Date : 10 March 2023 (Friday)
Time : 0900 – 1700
Indoor Venue: Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations
Fees: $550.00

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